Balloon Blast

Balloon Blast 2.2

Balloons are attacking you. You have to blast groups of the same color
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Dekovir Entertainment

Balloon Blast is a simple arcade game in which you click on groups of adjacent balloons of the same color to make them disappear from the board. The game includes three difficulty levels and three different modes, namely Arcade, Puzzle, and Tactics. In Arcade mode, you will find some balloons of different colors and your goal is to make a certain number of lines of balloons of the same color. If the balloons touch the ground, you lose. In Puzzle mode, the balloons are arranged in a certain way and you must figure out the way of clearing all the balloons from the board by matching groups of the same color. And finally, Tactics mode is very similar to Arcade but here the balloons are added in a different way, not every few seconds, but when you clear some balloons from the board.

In all modes, the levels get increasingly challenging as you progress and there are certain power-ups like black and color bombs, and rockets that help you eliminate a great number of balloons easier and faster.

The graphics are average, as well as the sound effects, and the music is a little bit repetitive and gets annoying after some time. All in all, Balloon Blast is a simple arcade game that may amuse you for a while, but don't expect much from it.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Includes power-ups
  • Three games modes
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Enjoyable


  • Average graphics and sound effects
  • Repetitive music
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